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Peppa Pig is a young girl who lives with Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and her little brother George. Her best friend is Suzy Sheep but she has lots of other animal friends who, like Peppa and Suzy, have names that correspond with the type of animal they are. Among others there’s Danny Dog, Pedro Pony and Rebecca Rabbit who also has a younger brother, Richard, who is best friends with George.
Peppa likes to be in charge and is often a little bit mean to George but Peppa has an older cousin, Chloe, and Peppa doesn’t often get to be in charge when Chloe comes to visit! Peppa and George both have their favourite toys, Peppa loves her teddy and George loves Mr Dinosaur and of course they both love jumping in muddy puddles!

Peppa and her family often go out on day trips or adventures, be it a trip to the park, a day out at Daddy Pig’s office or even on an exciting ride on Grandpa pigs boat! They’ve even been for a ride in a hot air balloon!

Peppa loves spending time with Granny and Grandpa pig and loves to talk to their pet parrot Polly. Mummy pig is very sensible but Daddy Pig tends to be a bit clumsy and doesn’t often take advice so he always ends up getting wet, dirty or falling out of trees! No matter what the situation though, Peppa and her friends and family always know how to have lots and lots of fun!

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